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Lei-a: Before and After [saudade] (2012)  A five channel video installation that explores the tension between the hologram of Princess Leia from Star Wars, other iconic holographic representations, and the public’s unsatiated love of technology in general, and holography in particular.

Watching (2011) is a single channel installation that compels reflection on the relationship between the ‘watched’ and the ‘watcher’. In a world rife with transmitted images, the mundane and catastrophic vie for our attention. The constant deluge de-sensitizes until the hierarchy of importance disintegrates. Is it possible to reclaim the discernment necessary for a conscious existence? Or are we doomed to passively and unconsciously consume whatever images appear before us? View photos here.

The Wheel and the Cross: Meditation on Suffering and Redemption (2010) is a 90 minute performance work for music, dance, film/art installation and interactive video. This work sets out to frame a dialog between the Christian and Buddhist perspectives on human suffering and to affirm—through integrated music, dance, film/art installation, interactive video, and a web-site keyed to the work-in-progress——their essential kinship. Collaborators included, composer Paul Humphreys, documentary maker Luis Proenca, choreographer Sri Susilowati, and New Media artist Art Nomura. View photos here

Kiss (2009)

Part 1 of 3 of 'Corridor'. Corridor is a three channel interactive video installation. Kiss, Marathon, and Graveyard symbolize the beginning, middle, and end of life. It distills what has already been converted, by media and reflection, into the past. The corridor itself – designed to surround the viewer in transit – reminds us that we are all only travelers through this time and place. Produced, directed, and edited by Art Nomura. Sound Design by Rodger Pardee. View photos from a trial exhibition of Corridor at the University of New Orleans here.

Voices of the Way (2008)

"Voices of the Way" is an evening of multimedia performance works inspired by three of the earth's great sacred traditions. Through textsthat honor the spiritualities of Taoism, Buddhism, and Christianity,"Voices" also affirms the prospect of harmony among all faith traditionsand cultures. Featured ensembles include South Bay Women's Chorus, New Voices Chamber Chorus, LMU Gamelan––Kembang Atangi, and Sri Dance Company. Featured individual performers include Jessica Tunick, soprano, Trevor Berens, piano, Elaine Humphreys-Cook, harp, and Karl Snider, music director. Choreography by Sri Susilowati; art/film installation by Luis Proença and Art Nomura; live video direction by Art Nomura; original music by Paul Humphreys. For information on a DVD of the event, please click here.

Still from Fire (2007)

Still frame from part 2 of 5 sections of the New Media installation,'What Goes Around Comes Around' (WGACA). Each of the two minute sections are inspired by the five elements of the Japanese/Chinese Zodiac: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. The sections were derived from footage shot in northern California (Mt. Shasta region), southern Oregon, Tokyo, and Nara, Japan. Produced, Directed, Shot and Edited by Art Nomura. See the video here.

tigermandala Digital Mandala (1994) - still from 18 min. video

Digital Mandala (1994) Multi-faceted depiction of the inner and outer cosmos using non-fictional imagery. Features ground-breaking work with COSA (now Adobe) After Effects software. Currently being updated into a HDTV presentation entitled, Digital Mandala, Redux.




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