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I think I was born to be an artist. Which means that I tend to wonder about why things are the way they are and what it would be like if a different way, belief, or standard was in play.


New Media

When the wonderment attains a critical mass of sorts, I am often moved to creative action.
I believe that a fundamental purpose of Art, beyond self-expression, is to test the boundaries of what we find beautiful, inspiring, and worth considering.

I have formal concerns and interests that revolve around multidimensionality and the limits of our perceptions. I am also interested in the exploration of more circular, less direct modes of communication than are prevalent in the West.

Despite being a member of what has been referred to as a ‘model minority’ (Japanese Americans) I find myself continually attracted to content that examines and/or acknowledges my ‘otherness’ as a non-white/black American. Cultural references always appear in my work. They encourage a sense of integration and reinforce my belief in the universality of the human condition. Without contradiction, I am interested in being accepted as a significant creative voice in society as a whole rather than as a member of a ghettoized minority group.

Since accessibility to art is important to me, I incorporate humor and a sense of play in whatever I create.

My working methods are idiosyncratic and obsessive.

Although I have successfully taught film and video production for over thirty years, I resist formulaic approaches in the creation of my work. I immensely enjoy the process of creation. Much joy comes from working in innovative ways with untried ideas.

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