Economics 230                                                                                                        Course Syllabus  


Fall 2013                                                                                                †††† Professor: Andrew Healy    

Classroom: Von Der Ahe 240                                                                    e-mail:

Class Hours: TR 9:25-10:40, 10:50-12:05

Office: University Hall 4229                    

Office Hours: TR 1:35-2:45 and at other announced times



Course webpage:

            You should check the course webpage every day that there is class.



Prerequisite: Students should have completed their core math sequence since a small amount

of differential and integral calculus will be used in Econ 230.



Calculator: You should bring either a scientific or graphic calculator to each class.



Textbook: Mann, Prem S.  Introductory Statistics, 8th edition.  Wiley, 2007. 

The textbook is available in the bookstore.  You may be able to save yourself some

money by buying the textbook online, but make sure to see the note on clickers below. Note that the 7th edition is fine. (See the e-mail exchange at the end of the syllabus for more on money-saving options)



Clickers: We will be using clicker technology in this class.  Starting with the second class, each student must bring a clicker to each class.  Your clicker will make it possible for you to answer questions that I ask during class.  Just as attendance is required, it is also required that you bring your clicker and calculator with you to each class.


The clickers that we will be using are the radio frequency clickers produced by Interwrite.  I have worked with the bookstore to order as many used books and clickers as possible.  You should save a considerable amount of money by buying a used textbook and used clicker, so make sure to go to the bookstore early if you want to buy a used book and/or used clicker. There are also clicker-textbook packages available at the bookstore.  Buying the clicker-textbook package will be cheaper than buying a new textbook and clicker separately.  You are advised to buy your clicker from the bookstore since you need to have the specific clicker sold there.


You are also welcome to purchase your textbook online.  If you choose to purchase your book online, you must order it early enough so that it arrives before our first class.  You will also still need to purchase a clicker if you buy the book online.



General Course Outline


   Part 1   Introduction, organizing and graphing data, descriptive statistics, probability

                Chapters: 1-4


   Part 2   Probability distributions: discrete and random variables, sampling distributions,

confidence intervals for means

                Chapters: 5-8     


 Part 3   Hypothesis testing, chi-squared tests, linear regression

                Chapters: 9-11, 13





In this course, there will be a course project (that consists of seven labs) and three exams.  Your grade will be determined as follows:


Class participation: 5%

Test 1:  20%

Test 2:  20%

Test 3:  30%

Course Project / Other graded assignments: 25%


Your class participation grade will reflect class attendance (including promptness and having your clicker and calculator during each class) and contributions to class discussions.   Also, if you do well at answering the clicker questions, you can earn additional points that will help your grade.  However, you will not lose points by answering the clicker questions incorrectly.  Moral of the story: You do not need to stress out about how the clicker questions will affect your grade; they can only help your grade.  I use the clicker questions primarily so I can know what you are and are not understanding.


A.  Course Project:

There is a semester-long project in this course that consists of seven laboratory exercises which provide hands-on experience with collecting and analyzing data.  These labs must be handed in on time in a folder so that all prior labs are submitted with each new lab.  You will lose two points (out of 10) for each day that a lab is late, so it is in your best interest to hand in all of your labs on time.  You will receive an overall grade based on how well you do on all the assignments.


B.  Tests:

All of the tests are comprehensive.  Tests must be taken at the scheduled time unless extraordinary circumstances occur and written verification confirms those circumstances. 


Test 3 (also known as the final exam) will be held on Thursday, December 12 at 8:00 AM for the 9:25 class and on Tuesday, December 10 at 11:00 AM for the 10:50 class.


C.  Readings:

All readings for the course will be written on the board at the beginning of class.  If you must miss a class, it is your responsibility to get the assignment from another student in the class.  Make sure that you know at least two students in the class who can help you in this regard.


I will also assign homework problems each week that you should do to make sure you understand the material.  The solutions to these problems will be posted on the course webpage in the Readings and Assignments section. 



Grading scale:


The grade scale for this class will be:

94-100: A  /  90-93: A-  /  87-89: B+  /  83-86: B /  80-82: B-  / 

  77-79: C+  /  73-76: C  /  70-72: C-  /  60-69: D  /  Below 60: F



Classroom Conduct Reminder: In order to provide the best learning environment possible for everyone, cell phones, iPods, etc., must be completely turned off and put away at all times during class. Also, LMUís policies on academic honesty are in effect at all times.



Using the computer: You will learn to do statistical analysis using Microsoft Excel.  Some of your homework assignments will require you to use Excel.  Microsoft Excel is on all computers in all computer labs throughout the university.






Please see the message below for a way that may save additional money on the direct ordering website that we set up. I canít guarantee it will work, but it certainly seems worth trying. Thank you very much, Nic.


From: Nicolas Tepper []
Sent: Sunday, August 11, 2013 10:40 AM
To: Healy, Andrew
Subject: Re: important money-saving news for ECON 230 in the fall


Hi Professor Healy, 


I just wanted to let you know that I discovered a way to receive 35% off your entire order at, when you put in the promo code W13ZZ on the website at checkout it gives you 35% the order and free shipping. Reducing the total cost of both the clicker and textbook from $128+tax+shipping to only $91.06 with tax included! Thought you could inform the rest of your students to this great savings opportunity, hope this helps :)


Look forward to meeting you soon, 


Nic Tepper


College of Business Administration

Loyola Marymount University,

Class of 2016


On Fri, Jul 26, 2013 at 5:46 PM, Healy, Andrew <> wrote:

Hi everyone,

If you are receiving this message, you are currently enrolled to take my ECON 230 class in the fall. One of my biggest concerns has been and continues to be the cost of textbooks to you. This year, I have worked with the publisher to set up a direct-to-student site that will bypass the bookstore and hopefully save you money. Apparently, this site will be 30% cheaper than the bookstore.

Very important: You need two materials for the course. Prem Mannís Introductory Statistics textbook and the radio frequency clicker from GTCO Calcomp. You will use this clicker to answer questions during class. It must be the radio frequency Interwrite clicker; other clickers will not work.

These two materials are bundled together on the direct site so you will get both of them for the price listed there. You are welcome to search online for even better prices. This might be possible if you find a used book (6th or 7th edition would be fine) and clicker, for example, but make sure you obtain both the book and the clicker that you need.

Please make sure to act early so your materials arrive before our first day of class. I have tried to get the cheapest items possible for the book store, too, but you should be able to save money by buying online either from the direct site ( or from your own searching.

Enjoy the summer,

Prof. Healy